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Site BT-40 (Alternate)

Priority: 1 (Alternate to BT-4)
Position: 24°20.02'N; 79°21.95'W
Water depth: 640 m
Sediment thickness: >8000 m
Total penetration: 835 mbsf (approved to a depth of 1035 mbsf)
Seismic coverage: High resolution MCS survey

Objectives: The objectives of BT-40 are to:

1. obtain a record of the facies of the basinal deposits associated with the prograding sequence, and

2. assess and date the deposition and erosional gaps associated with the Florida Current.

Drilling program:
Hole A: APC/XCB to a depth refusal or a depth of 835 of mbsf.
Hole B: APC to refusal.
Hole C: RCB to 835 m, if target depth not reached by XCB and only if time permits.

Logging and downhole: ADARA heatflow measurements will be made on the first eight APC cores below Core 3 and one every third core thereafter. WSTP will be performed on every fifth XCB core. The hole will be logged using the three standard logging strings (Quad-Combination, GLT, FMS).

Nature of rock anticipated: Periplatform ooze occasionally mixed with coarser grained units.

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