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Site: LH-2A

Priority: 2
Position: 47°46.23´N; 128°04.62´W
Water Depth: 2662 m
Sediment Thickness: 280 m
Total Penetration: 280 mbsf (stop at first basement recovery)
Seismic Coverage: Line 95-23a, SP 615 (Fig. 9, Appendix 1C)

Objectives: The Lithospheric Heat Flow site extends the hydrothermal transition transect to where the upper crust should be fully sealed by low-permeability sediment. The conductive heat flow through the sediment section should reflect the total for lithosphere of this relatively young age (~2.5 Ma).

Drilling Program: APC/XCB

Logging and Downhole: Frequent APC and Probe temperature measurements, particularly near basement

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Turbidite sediments, altered basalt

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