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JOIDES Resolution would proceed from Victoria to proposed Site SI-01B, the more southerly of the two sites in Saanich Inlet. This site would be triple cored with the Advanced Hydraulic Piston corer (APC) to refusal or to 20 m into the glaciomarine unit beneath the Holocene laminated mud sequence. The ship would then proceed to Site SI-02B, which would again be triple APC cored to refusal or until 20 m of glaciomarine sediment are penetrated.

At proposed Site SI-02B, if time permits either additional coring will be undertaken to fill any known gaps or a complete fourth hole will be obtained. As a lower priority, temperature measurements will be made in the lowermost two or three cores at this site.

Two security vessels will be provided by the Institute of Ocean Sciences on a 24-hr basis to ensure that pleasure craft remain at least 300 m away from the drilling vessel at all times.

The drilling sites will be occupied based on Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. No seismic profiling will be undertaken during this leg.

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