169S Prospectus

Site SI-01B

Location: Saanich Inlet, British Colombia, Canada
Priority: 1
Position: 48°35.433'N, 123°30.201'W
Water Depth: 225 m
Sediment Thickness: 296 m
Total Penetration: 100mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Single channel

1. Ultra-high-resolution (annual) terrestrial and marine paleoenvironmental record since glaciation

2. Frequency of large earthquake events, Cascadia subduction margin

3. Sediment diagenesis in an isolated anoxic basin

Drilling Program: Triple APC core

Logging and Downhole Operations: None

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Organic-rich terrigenous muds, stiff glaciomarine muds, abundant ice-rafted debris

Seismic Profile 1d (18 kb)
Seismic Profile 1e (21 kb)

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