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Site CR-4

Priority: 1
Position: 9°46.8'N, 86°2.4'W
Water depth: 2200 m
Sediment thickness: 5000 m
Total penetration: 1000 mbsf (approved to a depth of 750 mbsf)
Seismic coverage: 3D seismic reflection (3D line 132; 3D cross line 735)

The objectives of CR-4 are to:

1. Determine the stratigraphy of the slope sediments in this area where reflectors can be trace widely.

2. Penetrate the high-amplitude reflector to determine the lithology and age of the material beneath it.

Drilling program:
Hole A: APC/XCB with Adara tool to 500 mbsf plus 5 WSTP measurements
Hole B: Drill to 500 mbsf, RCB to 950 mbsf

Logging and downhole: Standard wireline logging only

Nature of rock anticipated: Hemipelagic mudstone/sandstone in apron. Either deformed accreted sediment or mafic rock beneath the high-amplitude reflector.

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