171A Scientific Prospectus

Site: NBR-10A

Priority: 1

Position: 15°32.85'N, 58°42.20'W

Water Depth: 5052 m

Sediment Thickness: 797 m

Total Penetration: 500 mbsf

Seismic Coverage: 3-D survey, Line 710 SP-1308
East-west seismic profile through Site NBR-10A; VE: 3.7.

Objective: The objective of proposed Site NBR-10A is to determine the physical properties of the accretionary prism, décollement zone, and the underthrust section at the deformation front.

Drilling Program: No cores.

Logging and Downhole: LWD.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Pelagic and hemipelagic sediments, local distal turbidites in the underthrust section.

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