171B Scientific Prospectus

Site: BN-1 (DSDP Site 390)

Priority: 1

Position: 30°08.724'N, 76°06.9'W

Water depth: 2586 m

Sediment thickness: >3000 m

Total penetration: 160 mbsf

Seismic coverage: Glomar Challenger, Eastward 80-8 (1980); site located at shotpoint 2321 on MCS Line TD-5 (see seismic profile).

Objectives: Determine history of Paleogene and Cretaceous water chemistry, carbonate productivity, and deep-water and surface temperature as well as evolutionary history of pelagic microfossils. Deep end-member of the depth transect.

Drilling program: 1. APC coring to 160 mbsf (oriented): Hole A.
2. Holes B and C cored to 160 mbsf by unoriented APC.

Logging and downhole: Adara temperature measurements and core orientation on A hole.

Nature of rock anticipated: Nannofossil-foraminifer ooze, cherty limestone, calcareous clay.

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