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Site: BBOR-1

Priority: 1
Position: 28°14.780'N, 74°24.418'W (BBOR-1), 28°14.769'N, 74°25.056'W (BBOR-1B), 28°14.750'N, 74°24.622'W (BBOR-1C)
Water Depth: 4715 m (BBOR-1), 4725 m (BBOR-1B), 4705 m (BBOR-1C)
Sediment Thickness: 1000 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 350 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Single channel seismic Vema 2114; Vema 2401; 3.5 KHz seismic KNR 31 and 140

Objectives: The objectives of BBOR-1 and BBOR-1B are to determine the:

1. History of circulation change in the deep western North Atlantic; the deep end member of the depth transect

2. Processes of mud wave migration and to develop proxy for deep current speed

3. High-resolution history of paleomagnetic change

4. Extent of gas hydrate effects at deep end of depth transect

Drilling Program:
The following are to be considered three locations at a single site. If the beacon is dropped on the wave crest (BBOR-1C), then BBOR-1 and BBOR-1B can be offset to the east and west, respectively.

BBOR-1: triple APC to 200 m.
BBOR-1B: double APC to 100 m
BBOR-1C: if time permits, APC third hole on wave crest to 125 m

Logging and Downhole: None anticipated

Nature Of Rock Anticipated: Foraminifer-bearing silty clay and nannofossil marl

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