172 Scientific Prospectus


Site: CS-2

Priority: 1
Position: 32°47.041'N, 76°17.178'W
Water Depth: 1790 m
Sediment Thickness: 1000 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 200 m
Seismic Coverage: CH6-92 line 41, CH07-90, Farnella 87 line 8, KNR 140 3.5kHz

Objectives: The objectives of CS-2 are to:

1. Monitor the core of upper NADW in Pleistocene time

2. Test models of continental slope sedimentation

3. Provide a high-resolution section for paleomagnetic study

4. Provide a section for studying geochemical processes related to gas hydrate formation and dissociation

Drilling Program:
Triple APC to 125 m; fourth APC to ~50 m for pore-water geochemistry and high-resolution paleoceanography

Logging and Downhole: None anticipated

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Marly silt

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