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Figure 2. Example of a buried middle Miocene clinoform (m2c, ~12.5 Ma) mapped using a commercial seismic grid available from the New Jersey margin (see Fig. 1). Lower panel: structure map showing a seismic grid, indicating existing drill Sites 902-904, 906 (Leg 150) and 612 (Leg 95), and Mid-Atlantic Transect (MAT) drill sites 8B, 9B, and 13A (Leg 174A). Site MAT-7B was proposed, but was not approved for Leg 174A drilling. Contour interval units are milliseconds two-way traveltime below present sea level. Upper panel: 3-D perspective shaded image with traveltime contours (azimuth of artificial illumination = 220°). Both panels are viewed from an azimuth of 180° and an elevation of 30°. The clinoform slope canyon is V-shaped; the mapping reveals an apparent downslope continuation of this drainage feature (from Fulthorpe and Austin, in press).

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