Site: MAT-13B

: 2
: 39°13.5197'N, 72° 16.5457'W
Water Depth
: 638 m
Sediment Thickness
: ~10 km
Approved Maximum Penetration
: 750 mbsf
Seismic Coverage:
Oceanus 270 profile #32 (cdp 1650); 900 m from crossing with Oceanus 270 profile #61 (cdp 2589)

Objectives: The objectives of MAT-13B are to:

1.Augment Neogene upper slope chronostratigraphy acquired as a result of Leg 150 drilling.

2.Sample the expanded and complete Pleistocene section presumed to compose the Hudson Apron, at a point of physical continuity seaward of coeval clinoforms beneath the outer shelf.

3.Calibrate the age and facies of middle Miocene (m1) and Pleistocene sequence stratigraphic horizons (e.g., p6) identified on the upper slope in the vicinity of Leg 150 sites (Mountain, Miller, Blum et al., 1994).

Drilling Program: Single APC/XCB to refusal, then RCB (after installation of FFF) to TD.

Logging and Downhole Operations
: Triple-Combo, FMS-Sonic, Logging While Drilling**, VSP.**

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Sands, silts, and clays; occasional debris flows.

Seismic line for MAT-13B

Second line with MAT 13-C and 13-B on it

**if not run at MAT-8B/-9B

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