Site: MAT-13D

: 2
39° 16.7249'N, 72° 18.9547'W
Water Depth:
285 m
Sediment Thickness:
~10 km
Approved Maximum Penetration
: 429 m
Seismic Coverage:
at the crossing of Oceanus 270 profiles #61 (cdp 3692) and #30 (cdp 453)

Objectives: The objectives of MAT-13D are to:

1.Augment Pleistocene upper slope chronostratigraphy acquired as a result of Leg 150 drilling.

2.Sample the expanded and complete Pleistocene section presumed to compose the Hudson Apron, at a point of physical continuity seaward of coeval clinoforms beneath the outermost shelf.

3.Calibrate the age and facies of Pleistocene sequence stratigraphic horizons (e.g., p 6) identified on the upper slope in the vicinity of Leg 150 sites (Mountain, Miller, Blum et al., 1994).

Drilling Program: Single APC/XCB to TD.

Logging and Downhole Operations
: Quad, GHMT, Logging While Drilling**, VSP.**

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Sands, silts, and clays; occasional debris flows.

Seismic line for 13D

**if not run at MAT-8B/-9B

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