The history of successful reentries in Hole 395A indicates that Leg 174B can expect to find the hole in good condition, open to a depth of slightly more than 600 m. If the hole depth proves to be less than 600 m, the CORK thermistor string can be shortened appropriately. In the unlikely possibility that the hole proves completely unsuitable for logging or the CORK experiment, any available time would be devoted to a contingency program in the sediments surrounding the hole. Like the primary Leg 174B program, this contingency program would focus on hydrogeological objectives, using an advanced hydraulic piston core (APC)/XCB BHA at selected locations within the sediment pond. The emphasis would be on obtaining detailed profiles of temperatures and fluid compositions down to basement at selected locations in the sediment, using multiple runs of temperature tools (Adara shoe and/or Davis-Villinger Temperature Probe [DVTP] and the downhole water sampler, temperature, and pressure probe [WSTP]).

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