Figure 1. Location of Holes 395A, 418A, 504B, and 648B. Dashed lines show age of crust in Ma, deduced from magnetic anomalies (after Salisbury and Hyndman, 1984).

Figure 2. Location of heat-flow measurements, PUPPI deployments, and piston cores in North Pond. The heat-flow values are given next to the location of each penetration. The box in the lower right-hand corner indicates the location of Hole 395A.

Figure 3. Measured and estimated downhole flow rates in the three best documented cases: Holes 395A, 504B, and 857D. Hole 395A data are from Becker et al. (1984), Kopietz et al. (1990), and Morin et al. (1992).

Figure 4. Schematic drawing of pore-water flow and isotherms (°C) below North Pond, assuming laminar flow at a rate of ~1 m/yr. The variation in heat flow across the pond is shown along the top of the figure.

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