Northern Cape Basin

Site: NCB-2B

: 1
: 25°30.8'S, 13°1.7'E
Water Depth:
2004 m
Sediment Thickness
: >1000 m
Approved Maximum Penetration
: 600 m
Seismic Coverage:
High-resolution MCS, seismic Line GeoB/AWI 96-014

Objectives: The objectives of NCB-2B are to:
1.determine the history of Benguela Current, including northward excursions and fluctuations in the intensity of productivity;
2. document shoreward/seaward migration of the coastal upwelling center; and
3. reconstruct the history of oxygen supply, in particular of periods showing oxygen deficiency.

Drilling Program:

Hole A: APC, XCB to refusal
Holes B and C: APC to refusal

Logging and Downhol
e: Triple-combo, GHMT, FMS

Nature of Rock Anticipated:
Hemipelagic calcareous silty mud.

Seismic Line NCB-2B

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