The drill plan includes six primary sites that span water depths from 2100 to 4600 m (Tables 1, 2). Targets will be drilled from north to south (TSO-2B, SubSAT-1B, TSO-3C, TSO-5C, TSO-6A, and TSO-7C). Alternate sites were selected for TSO-6A and TSO-7C in the event an iceberg is sitting atop the primary target. Because of time constrains, three alternate sites (TSO-4B, SubSAT 3B, and SubSAT-4B/C) cannot be included in the proposed one-leg effort of 56 days; however, these alternate sites will serve as backups to the primary targets. If time is saved as a result of early departure from port or conservative drilling time estimates, additional time will be used to enhance the scientific objectives with the following priorities: (1) insure continuous sections at high resolution triple-cored intervals (i.e., recover a fourth hole if needed to complete a composite section), (2) maintain the latitudinal transect composed of four high-resolution sites, (3) deepen site TSO-7C, and (4) deepen other sites to approved target depth or drill alternate sites.

Successful recovery at the primary sites will provide the following:

Criteria for discontinuing operation at a particular site will include poor recovery, inability to construct a composite section at high-resolution sites, massive sediment disturbance (i.e., mass flows, turbidites, etc.), extremely slow penetration rate, drilling into sediment ages that are beyond the scope of the scientific objectives, and persistent heavy weather that prevents drilling or leads to unproductive operations.

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