Figure 1. Location of Leg 177 drilling targets and previous DSDP/ODP sites in the South Atlantic. Primary sites are underlined. Circle indicates 200 nmi zone off Bouvet Island (Norway).

Figure 2. The vertical distribution of potential temperature on a transect in the eastern Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean (from Agulhas Ridge to Bouvet Island) relative to the proposed Leg 177 sites. The ratio numbers at the top of the figure indicate the hydrographic station used to contour the potential temperature. PF = Polar Front. SAF = Subantarctic Front.

Figure 3. Schematic representation of present ocean circulation and interocean exchange. Not shown are the deep Indian and Pacific reservoirs (flux in Sv, from Keir, 1988).

Figure 4. Lithologies and sediment ages expected at the proposed primary and secondary drill sites on a latitudinal and depth transect across the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Also indicated are locations of previous DSDP and ODP drill sites (compare Fig. 5).

Figure 5. Schematic representation of the Southern Ocean, its oceanic frontal systems and sea-ice distribution (according to Whitworth 1988 and other sources), including existing DSDP and ODP sites and the drilling transect planned for Leg 177.

Figure 6. Comparison of Cenozoic variations in benthic oxygen isotope ratio with the global sea level curve inferred from sequence stratigraphy.

Figure 7. Oxygen isotopic record of Core RC11-83 (located near SubSAT-1C) compared with hydrogen isotopic record from Vostok ice core (Charles et al., 1996).

Figure 8. Oxygen isotopic record of Core TN057-6-PC3 (located near TSO-3C) that demonstrates a complete record through Marine Isotope Stage 12 with average sedimentation rates of 3 cm 10-3 yrs (Hodell et al., in prep.).

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