Site: TSO-5C

Priority: 1
Position: 47°05.673´S, 5°55.106´E
Water Depth: 4390 m
Sediment Thickness: 1200 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 200 m
Seismic Coverage: TN057/TSO5, shot point TN3750

Objectives: Recover a continuous late Pliocene-Pleistocene record at high sedimentation rates within the PFZ to reconstruct
1. surface-water parameters and the evolution of the PFZ;
2. paleoproductivity changes in the present PFZ region;
3. lower CPDW and AABW properties and their response to high-latitude climate and the changes in flux of NADW during glacial and interglacial cycles;
4. the response to orbital forcing and the phase relationships of proxy records to climatic records in low and northern high latitudes.

Drilling Program: Triple APC/XCB to 200 m

Logging and Downhole: None

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Calcareous-bearing diatom ooze

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