Site: APSHE-05A

66°23.57'S, 70°45.40'W
Water Depth:
600 m
Sediment Thickness:
>2000 m
Approved Maximum Penetration:
785 mbsf
Seismic Coverage:
Polar Duke Lines PD88-B and PD88-04

The objectives of Site APSHE-05A are to:

1. Examine "pre-glacial" (S3) lithologies in detail and test the synchroneity of the conformable S3/S2 boundary along the margin.

2. Sample the near-conformable (probably tectonic) S3/S4 boundary.

3. Test hypotheses of the "pre-glacial" nature of S3 and of the uplift/subsidence origin of the S4/S3 boundary.

Drilling Program: Single RCB hole to 785 mbsf. Alternate sites are APSHE-06A and 10A.

Logging and Downhole Operations:
Standard suites IPLT-DLT and FMS-sonic, plus GHMT. Vertical incidence VSP.

Nature of Rock Anticipated:
Diamicton (lodgement till and proximal glacial marine) with thin biosiliceous interbeds to base of S2 (i.e., top ~150 m), then uncertain (glacial marine diamicton or biosiliceous hemipelagic) in S3 to base of hole.

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