Figure 2.
Hand-contoured Seabeam bathymetric map of the eastern transverse ridge of the Atlantis II Transform, showing the location of Site 732 and Hole 735B (Dick et al., 1991). Contour interval = 250 m. Solid contours include regions covered by seabeam swaths, whereas dashed contours are inferred. Proposed drilling region near the wavecut platform and Hole 735B, which was cored during ODP Leg 118. Solid dots and arrows indicate the starting point and approximate track of dredge hauls. Filled circles indicate the approximate proportions of rock types recovered in each dredge,: white=altered peridotite, +=gabbro, v=basalt and diabase, stippled = greenstone (Dick et al., 1991). Also shown are the proposed sites to be drilled during Leg 179.

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