During Leg 182, the upper sections (approximately 200 m) at all sites will be recovered by either triple APC coring (four sites) or double APC coring (four sites). Sampling for high-resolution isotopic, sedimentologic, and micropaleontologic studies at these sites will be conducted after construction of the spliced composite section. Only low-resolution sampling will be carried out aboard ship to support description/characterization, facilitate pilot studies, and provide material for projects that do not require high-temporal resolution. High-resolution sampling will be deferred until after the cruise. Whole-round sampling for pore-water geochemical analyses is anticipated at a higher resolution than the typical routine ODP scheme. The archive halves (permanent and temporary) in all holes will not be sampled aboard ship, and the permanent archive will be designated postcruise. The sampling plan for Leg 182 must be approved by the sampling allocation committee (SAC), consisting of the Co-chief Scientists, Staff Scientist, and Curatorial representative. The initial sampling plan is preliminary and can be modified depending upon actual material recovered and collaborations that may evolve between scientists during the leg.

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