Shipboard Samples and Data Acquisition

Following core labeling, measurement of nondestructive properties, and core splitting, samples will be selected from core working halves (~1 to 2 samples per 9.5 m of core) by members of the shipboard party for routine measurement of physical and magnetic properties, bulk chemical analyses by X-ray fluorescence, carbon-nitrogen-sulfur (CNS) analyzer, and X-ray diffraction, as necessary. Polished thin sections of these samples will be prepared for identification of minerals, determination of mineral modes by point counting, and studies of texture and fabric.

Sampling for Shore-Based Studies

Shipboard scientists may usually expect to obtain ~100 samples up to 15 cm3 in size. In special cases, additional or larger samples may be obtained with the approval of the Sample Allocation Committee (SAC), which is composed of the co-chiefs, the staff scientist, the shipboard curatorial representative, and the ODP curator. Additional samples may be obtained upon written request onshore soon after the cores return to the ODP repository. Short intervals of unusual scientific interest (e.g., veins, ores, and dikes) may require a higher sampling density, reduced sample size, continuous core sampling by a single investigator, or sampling techniques not available on board ship. These will be identified during the core description process, and the sampling protocol will be established by the interested scientists and shipboard SAC.

To minimize the time and effort required for sampling for shore-based studies, we encourage sampling consortia involving researchers with complementary expertise. Sample size will depend on the number of investigators in the group.

Redundancy of Studies

Some redundancy of measurement is unavoidable, but minimizing the redundancy of measurements among the shipboard party and identified shore-based collaborators will be a factor in evaluating sample requests. Requests from independent shore-based investigators that substantially replicate the intent and measurements of shipboard participants will require the approval of both the shipboard investigators and the SAC.

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