Site: PBF-4B

To PBF-4B Line JNOC TH84/9-1-SMG
To PBF-4B Line AGSO 149/0901
To PBF-6A Line AGSO 49/0901

Priority: 2 (alternate to PBF-6A)
Position: 66°30.5652´S, 072°24.0954´E
Water Depth: 1305 m
Sediment Thickness: ~4000 m
Target Drilling Depth: ~699 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: 699 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: JNOC 84/9-1-SMG SP 10700, AGSO 149/0901 (site moved from intersection by PPSP to avoid potential hydrocarbon trap)

Objectives: Same as for PBF-6A.

Drilling Program: Same as for PBF-6A.

Logging Program: Same as for PBF-6A.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Mud, ooze, diamict, and sand interbeds

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