Site: STR-2A

Track Line: STR-2A
Seismic Line: STR-2A

Priority: 1
Position: 48°30.00´S, 149°07.00´E
Water Depth: 2150 m
Sediment Thickness: At least 2500 m
Target Drilling Depth: 940 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 640 m (changed to 1000 m pending PPSP approval)
Seismic Coverage: AGSO Rig Seismic 202-05, 202-06

Objectives: The objectives of STR-2A include

1. Coring and logging an Eocene to early Oligocene prograding rift section

2. Coring and logging a late Oligocene to Holocene section to study paleoceanography and paleoclimate in an area where the early effects of the deep-water Circum-Antarctic Current should be apparent

3. Testing the record of Circum-Antarctic flow against the Milankovitch orbital model

Drilling Program: Triple APC, XCB, RCB

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS-Sonic, GHMT

Nature of Sediment Anticipated: Neogene ooze and chalk (255 m); Eocene mudstone

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