Site: WT-1A

Track Line: WT-1A
Seismic Line: WT-1A

Priority: 1
Position: 42°36.58´S, 144°24.76´E
Water Depth: 2475 m
Sediment Thickness: At least 1200 m
Target drilling Depth: 880 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 880 m
Seismic Coverage: Sonne SO36B-47, Tasmante (L'Atalante) 125-52

Objectives: The objectives of WT-1A include

1. Coring and logging an Oligocene-Holocene Indian Ocean pelagic carbonate section for high resolution biostratigraphic study

2. Coring and logging an Eocene prograding detrital section formed in early rifting for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic history

Drilling Program: Triple APC, XCB, RCB

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS-Sonic, GHMT

Nature of Sediment Anticipated: Neogene ooze and chalk (680 m); Eocene mudstone

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