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SITE SUMMARIES (continued)

Site: PCM-5A

Priority: Alternate for PCM-1A
Position: 3°43.115'S, 151°41.084'E
Water Depth: 1647 m
Sediment Thickness: 0 m
Target Drilling Depth: 700 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: (Not yet approved by Site Survey Panel [SSP], Marker A at start of tow MCV-24)
Seismic Coverage: Sonne SO-94/SCS Leg 2

Objectives: The objectives of PCM-5A are to determine the

1. Volcanic architecture of Pual Ridge;

2. Possible fringes of subsurface alteration system; and

3. Possible evidence for shallow-level seawater input to system.

Drilling Program: TBD after evaluating the results of drilling at Site PCM-2A. Options include bare-hole reentry, free-fall funnel deployment and/or a reentry cone. Requires multiple reentry to achieve depth target.

Logging and Downhole: Fluid and temperature sampling as required. Triple combo, FMS/sonic, logging while drilling.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Dacite lavas, some dikes and sills, possible andesite at depth, possible metavolcanic basement. Local altered dacite and mineralized veins.

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