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Site Summary

Site: WP-1B

Priority: 1
Position: 19°17.85´N, 135°05.95´E
Water Depth: 5658 meters below rig floor (mbrf)
Sediment Thickness: ~370 m
Target Drilling Depth: 470 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: Pending PPSP approval
Seismic Coverage: Intersection of OT97 Line 1 and OT97 Line 3

Track line | Seisimic line 1 | Seismic line 2

Objectives: The objectives of Site WP-1B are to

1.Install long-term geophysical borehole observatory to monitor global seismicity.

2.Core 100 m of the upper basaltic oceanic crust to add knowledge of MORB chemistry and emplacement

3.Determine Philippine plate paleolatitude and tectonic drift

4.Determine Tertiary climate record

5. Determine the history of Tertiary aeolian transport

6. Determine the regional ashfall record

Drilling Program: APC/XCB to 380 mbsf, drill with RCB to 360 and core 100 m into basement (~470 mbsf). Drill instrumented borehole to ~470 mbsf, install reentry cone, and case through unstable section

Logging and Downhole Operations: Triple combo, FMS/sonic, DLL, UBI

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Brown pelagic silty clay underlain with Eocene-Oligocene nannofossil bearing silty clays with basal polymictic breccias and tuffs; basalt

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