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Figure 1. Shaded relief map of the Nankai Trough produced from the Hydrographic Department of Japan's topographic data set (500-m grid interval). The inset shows a tectonic map of the Philippine Sea region that includes the Nankai Trough. The black box outlines the Leg 190 Nankai drilling area shown in Figure 2. The arrow shows the convergence direction of the Shikoku Basin beneath Japan.

Figure 2. ODP Leg 190 (solid circles) and previous ODP/DSDP drill sites (solid squares) in the Nankai Trough. The shaded outline shows the 3-D seismic survey of Bangs et al. (1999) and Moore et al. (1999). LWD will be conducted at Sites 808, 1173, and 1174 and ACORK long-term seafloor observatories will be emplaced at Sites 808 and 1173. Contour interval = 100 m.

Figure 3. Comparison of the structurally identified décollement interval and its physical properties and pore-water geochemistry across the Leg 131/190 transect. The décollement interval at Site 1174 has been projected to the reference Site 1173 based on correlation of patterns in magnetic susceptibility data (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2000).

Figure 4. Chloride concentrations in interstitial water samples from the Muroto Transect reference (Site 1173) and prism toe sites (Sites 1174 and 808) (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2000).

Figure 5. Schematic interpretation of seismic Line 141-2D in the Muroto Transect showing tectonic domains and location of Leg 190 drill sites (Shipboard Scientific Party, 2000).

Figure 6. Schematic diagram of a CORK hydrogeological observatory. Thirteen CORKS were deployed during 1991-1997 in accretionary prism settings and sedimented young oceanic crust. CORK = circulation obviation retrofit kit.

Figure 7. Generic ACORK envisioned for multilevel isolation within a composite section accretionary prism.

Figure 8. Schematic diagram of the ACORK for deployment on Leg 196. Note that the seismometer will only be deployed at Site 1173 (contingent upon funding and JOIDES advisory structure approval).

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