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Site: HE-1B

Priority: 1 (primary)
Position: 52°53'N, 164°35'E
Water Depth: 3200 m
Sediment Thickness: 1000 m
Target Drilling Depth: 950 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 950 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Glomar Challenger Leg 19 0500 UTC

See seismic line for Site HE-1A

Objectives: The objectives of Site HE-1B are to:

Drilling Program: RCB

Logging and Downhole: Triple combo, FMS

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Silty clay, diatom ooze, volcanic ash beds, claystone, minor calcareous layers, chalk, minor sand beds, and basalt

Site HE-2 Summary | Table of Contents