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Site: PAT-12C
Seismic line
Bathymetry map

Priority: 1
Position: 13°48.979´N, 143°53.348´W
Water Depth: 4965 m (uncorrected)
Sediment Thickness: 151 m (0.195 s TWTT)
Target Drilling Depth: 151 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 250 m
Seismic Coverage: EW9709 PAT-12 survey

Objectives: The objectives of Site PAT-12C are to:

1. Determine the nature of sediments in the late Paleocene equatorial region

2. Determine the paleolatitude of the drill site

3. Determine the rate of accumulation and types of biogenic sediments

4. Collect an LPTM section

Drilling Program: One APC/XCB to basement; second APC to refusal, second XCB, and third APC/XCB if time is available.

Logging and Downhole: Triple combo, MGT, and FMS-sonic if time is available.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Soft sediments except perhaps some chert-chalk in basal layers. Basement is midocean ridge basalt.

Site Summary PAT-13C | Table of Contents