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Site: PAT-16A
Seismic line
Bathymetry map

Priority: Alternate
Position: 32°32.506´N, 141°12.221´W
Water Depth: 5123 m (uncorrected)
Sediment Thickness: 21 m (0.027 s TWTT)
Target Drilling Depth: 21 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 50 m
Seismic Coverage: EW9709 PAT-16 survey

Objectives: The objectives of Site PAT-16A are to:

1. Determine the nature and types of sediment to understand dynamics of the NEC in the late Paleocene-Eocene

2. Determine the paleolatitude of the drill site

3. Determine the rate of accumulation and types of biogenic sediments

4. Collect an LPTM section

Drilling Program: Triple APC/XCB to basement

Logging and Downhole: None.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Soft sediments except perhaps some chert-chalk in basal layers. Basement is midocean ridge basalt.

Site Summary PAT-17C | Table of Contents