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Site: NU-1A

Priority: 2
Position: 22°58.41´N, 155°39.26´W
Water Depth: 4250 m
Sediment Thickness: ~250 m
Target Drilling Depth: 100 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: ~200 m (approval pending)
Seismic Coverage: Seismic reflection line 12 from the 1988 Thomas Washington cruise; Swath bathymetry from 1998/1999. See Figure 17 for the seismic line and trackline.

Objectives: The objectives of Site NU-1A if time permits site are to

1. Recover a complete section of the distal Nuuanu Landslide deposit;

2. Resolve whether the Nuuanu Landslide occurred as a single event or multiple collapses;

3. Determine the timing of the landslide;

4. Estimate the volume of the landslide;

5. Study the deposition history of the landslide; and

6. Gain insight into potential hazards related to giant landslides on the flanks of ocean islands.

Drilling Program: J APC/XCB to 100 mbsf in Hole A and to 50 mbsf in Hole B.

Logging and Downhole: No logging or downhole measurements planned.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Sediment

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