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Site Summaries

Site: EQP-2A

Priority: Primary
Position: 2°46.22'N, 110°34.31'W
Water Depth: 3761 m
Sediment Thickness: 318 m
Target Drilling Depth: Through sediment-basement transition
Approved Maximum Penetration: 318 m (To 350 m requested from PPSP)
Seismic Coverage: Thomas Washington Venture I line O, same position as Site 851.
See seismic line.

1) Test by comparison with other sites during this expedition whether microbial communities, activity, and survival strategies are different in this deeply buried, organic-poor environment than those in open-ocean sediments with more organic matter or shallower burial.
2) Examine how subsurface (up from basement) hydrologic flow affects microbiological community structure and sediment chemistry in organic-poor sediments with sulfate-rich pore waters.

Drilling Program: APC to refusal, XCB to and a couple of meters into basement. At least two holes, possibly three. Test site for PCS. May require additional mudline cores.

Logging and Downhole Program: Triple combo, possible FMS, APC-temperature, DVTP, and MBARI methane tool.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Foraminifer nannofossil and diatom nannofossil ooze, basaltic basement.

Site Summaries: Site EQP-1A | Table of Contents