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Site Summaries

Site: PRU-2A

Priority: Primary
Position: 11°03.90'S, 78°04.67'W
Water Depth: 252 m
Sediment Thickness: >2000 m
Target Drilling Depth: 300 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: 300 m
Seismic Coverage: Yaloc 20-03-74, additional single-channel and 3.5-kHz data were also collected during ODP Leg 112, same position as ODP Site 680.
See seismic line.

Objectives: Test how microbial communities and activity differs between a "normal" upwelling zone methanogenic sedimentary sequence (proposed Site PRU-3A) and at this site where a subsurface brine flow introduces sulfate into a sulfate-bearing sediment. This will also be compared with a third site where the subsurface brine flow effects and organic-rich (methanogenic) sediments and the microbiological communities they host.

Drilling Program: APC to refusal, XCB to TD. At least two holes, possibly three. Possible MDCB/RCB coring to improve recovery. Possible PCS deployment. May require additional mudline cores.

Logging and Downhole Program: Triple combo, possible FMS, APC-temperature, DVTP, and APC methane tool.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Foraminifer diatomaceous mud and ooze, sand.

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