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Site Summaries

Site: ODP Site 687

Priority: Alternate
Position: 12°51.78'S, 76°59.43'W
Water Depth: 307 m
Sediment Thickness: >207 m
Target Drilling Depth: 207 m
Approved Maximum Penetration: Requested same maximum penetration as for Leg 112.
Seismic Coverage: OSU SCS line Yaloc 13-03-74 at 1945Z.
See seismic line.

Objective: Compare standard continental margin site without subsurface brine flow to other sites occupied during this expedition.

Drilling Program: TBD

Logging and Downhole Program: TBD

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Diatomaceous mud, silt, siltstone, sand, and siliceous ooze.

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