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SITE SUMMARIES (continued)

Site: HR1b

Priority: Alternate

Position: 44.586056°N, 125.134881°W

Water Depth: 850 m

Sediment Thickness: ~7 km

Target Drilling Depth: 150 mbsf

Approved Maximum Penetration: 150 mbsf

Seismic Coverage: TTN112 3-D high-resolution seismic survey

Objectives: To sample reflection pair B/B' when they are above the BSR for comparison with proposed Site HR1a. Samples from this site will test the hypothesis that reflections B and B' represent carbonate formation along permeable horizons as part of a feedback process that further focuses fluid flow.

Drilling Program: APC to refusal, XCB to refusal. Possible use of PCS and/or HYACE.

Logging and Downhole Program: LWD, APC-temperature, DVTP, APC methane tools.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Interlayered silts and clays, some authigenic carbonates possible.

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