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Site: 1040R-B

Position: 9°39.6980'N, 86°10.7438'W
Water Depth: 4125 mbsf
Sediment Thickness: 660 m
Target Drilling Depth: 365 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: 920 mbsf; approved to drill without coring to 660 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Position of site at shotpoint 3130 on seismic line BGR-99-44 (C. Ranero, pers. comm., GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany and C. Reichert, pers. comm., BGR, Hannover, Germany, 2001).

Objectives: The objectives of Site 1040R-B are to:

1. Investigate the décollement.

2. Investigate fluid flow within the décollement and underthrust sediments.

3.Install modified CORKs to monitor pressure and temperature and to sample fluids within the décollement sediments.

Drilling Program: Drill without coring to ~300 mbsf then RCB core to ~365 mbsf. Install modified CORK in decollement (~360 mbsf).

Logging and Downhole: Formation temperature measurements (~4 DVTP); no downhole logging is planned at this site.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Deformed claystones and hemipelagics

Site Summaries (continued) | Table of Contents