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Site: 1039R

Position: 9°38.4'N; 86°12'W
Water Depth: 4350 m
Sediment Thickness: 390 mbsf is the depth to top of sill; sill thickness is not reliably resolvable from seismic records; sediment thickness between first sill and second sill/basement is estimated to be ~100 m; top of basaltic basement is estimated at ~550 to 600 mbsf, depending on thickness of sills.
Target Drilling Depth: 700 mbsf
Approved Maximum Penetration: 780 mbsf; approved to drill without coring to 340 mbsf
Seismic Coverage: Position of site at shotpoint 2938 on seismic line CR-20 ( K. McIntosh, pers. comm., UTIG, Austin, TX, USA, 2001) and at shotpoint 3259 on seismic line BGR-99-44 (C. Ranero, pers. comm., GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany and C. Reichert, BGR, Hannover, Germany, 2001).
See the track line, seismic CR-20, and seismic BGR-99-4

Objectives: The objectives of Site 1039R are to:

1. Investigate the petrology and alteration state of upper oceanic basement.

2. Determine fluid flow pattern in upper oceanic basement.

3. Install a modified CORK to monitor pressure and to sample basement fluids.

Drilling Program: Core with the RCB from 340 mbsf to total depth (TD); install modified CORK for monitoring fluid flow, pressure, and temperature in upper oceanic basement.

Logging and Downhole: Formation temperature measurements (~5 DVTP), downhole logging with triple combo and FMS/sonic tool strings.

Nature of Rock Anticipated: Hemipelagic and pelagic sediments, gabbro sill, and basalt.

Site Summaries (continued) | Table of Contents