Leg-Related Publications

Leg 210
Drilling The Newfoundland Half of the Newfoundland–Iberia Transect

Leg 209
Drilling Mantle Peridotite along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from 14° to 16°N

Leg 208
Early Cenozoic Extreme Climates: The Walvis Ridge Transect

Leg 207
Demerara Rise: Equatorial Cretaceous and Paleogene Paleoceanographic Transect, Western Atlantic

Leg 206
An In Situ Section of Upper Oceanic Crust Formed by Superfast Seafloor Spreading

Leg 205
Fluid Flow and Subduction Fluxes across the Costa Rica Convergent Margin: Implications for the Seismogenic Zone and Subduction Factory

Leg 204
Drilling Gas Hydrates on Hydrate Ridge, Cascadia Continental Margin

Leg 203
Dynamics of Earth and Ocean Systems

Leg 202
Southeast Pacific Paleoceanographic Transects

Leg 201
Controls on Microbial Communities in Deeply Buried Sediments, Eastern Equatorial Pacific and Peru Margin

Leg 200
Drilling at the Hawaii-2 Observatory (H2O) and the Nuuanu Landslide

Leg 199
Paleogene Equatorial Transect

Leg 198
Extreme Warmth in the Cretaceous and Paleogene: a Depth Transect on Shatsky Rise, Central Pacific

Leg 197
Motion of the Hawaiian Hotspot: A Paleomagnetic Test

Leg 196
Deformation and Fluid Flow Processes in the Nankai Trough Accretionary Prism: Logging While Drilling and Advanced CORKs

Leg 195
Seafloor Observatories and the Kuroshio Current

Leg 194
Constraining Micocene Sea Level Change from Carbonate Platform Evolution, Marion Plateau, Northeast Australia

Leg 193
Anatomy of an Active Felsic-Hosted Hydrothermal System, Eastern Manus Basin

Leg 192
Basement Drilling of the Ontong Java Plateau

Leg 191
Northwest Pacific Seismic Observatory and Hammer Drill Tests

Leg 190
Deformation and Fluid Flow Processes in the Nankai Trough Accretionary Prism

Leg 189
The Tasmanian Gateway: Cenozoic Climatic and Oceanographic Development

Leg 188
Prydz Bay-Cooperation Sea, Antarctica: Glacial History and Paleoceanography

Leg 187
Mantle Reservoirs and Migration Associated with Australian-Antarctic Rifting

Leg 186
Western Pacific Geophysical Observatories

Leg 185:
Izu-Mariana Margin

Leg 184:
South China Sea

Leg 183:
Kerguelen Plateau-Broken Ridge: A Large Igneous Province

Leg 182:
Great Australian Bight: Cenozoic Cool-Water Carbonates

Leg 181:
Southwest Pacific Gateways

Leg 180:
Active Continental Extension in the Western Woodlark Basin, Papua New Guinea

Leg 179:
Hammer Drilling and NERO

Leg 178:
Antarctic Glacial History and Sea-Level Change

Leg 177:
Southern Ocean Paleoceanography

Leg 176:
Return to Hole 735B

Leg 175:
Benguela Current

Leg 174B:
CORK Hole 395A

Leg 174AX Suppl.:
New Jersey Coastal Plain (Ancora, Ocean View, and Bethany Beach)

Leg 174AX:
New Jersey Coastal Plain (Bass River)

Leg 174A:
Continuing the New Jersey Mid-Atlantic Sea-Level Transect

Leg 173:
Return to Iberia

Leg 172:
Northwest Atlantic Sediment Drifts

Leg 171B:
Blake Nose Paleoceanographic Transect

Leg 171A:
Barbados Accretionary Prism, Logging While Drilling

Leg 170:
Costa Rica Accretionary Wedge

Leg 169:
Sedimented Ridges II

Leg 169S:
Saanich Inlet

Leg 168:
Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oceanic Crust: Eastern Flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Leg 167:
California Margin

Leg 166:
Bahamas Transect

Leg 165:
Caribbean Ocean History and the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary Event

Leg 164:
Blake Ridge and Carolina Rise

Leg 163X:
Offset Drilling on the Southeast Greenland Volcanic Rifted Margin

Leg 163:
Southeast Greenland Margin

Leg 162:
North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways II

Leg 161:
Mediterranean Sea II

Leg 160:
Mediterranean Sea I

Leg 159T:
Eastern Canary Basin

Leg 159:
Côte d'Ivoire-Ghana Transform Margin Eastern Equatorial Atlantic

Leg 158:
TAG Active Hydrothermal Mound

Leg 157:
Gran Canaria and Madeira Abyssal Plain

Leg 156:
Northern Barbados Ridge

Leg 155:
Amazon Fan

Leg 154:
Ceara Rise

Leg 153:
Mid-Atlantic Rise

Leg 152:
East Greenland Margin

Leg 151:
North Atlantic-Arctic Gateway

Leg 150X Suppl.:
New Jersey Coastal Plain (Cape May)

Leg 150X:
New Jersey Coastal Plain (Island Beach and Atlantic City)

Leg 150:
New Jersey Continental Slope and Rise

Leg 149:
Iberia Abyssal Plain

Leg 148:
Costa Rica Rift

Leg 147:
Hess Deep Rift Valley

Leg 146 Pt. 2:
Santa Barbara Basin

Leg 146 Pt. 1:
Cascadia Margin

Leg 145:
North Pacific Transit

Leg 144:
Northwest Pacific Atolls and Guyots

Leg 143:
Northwest Pacific Atolls and Guyots

Leg 142:
East Pacific Rise

Leg 141:
Chile Triple Junction

Leg 140:
Costa Rica Rift

Leg 139:
Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca Ridge

Leg 138:
Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Leg 137:
Costa Rica Rift

Leg 136:
Hawaiian Arch

Leg 135:
Lau Basin

Leg 134:
Vanuatu (New Hebrides)

Leg 133:
Northeast Australian Margin

Leg 132:
Western and Central Pacific

Leg 131:
Nankai Trough

Leg 130:
Ontong Java Plateau

Leg 129:
Old Pacific Crust

Leg 128:
Japan Sea

Leg 127:
Japan Sea

Leg 126:
Bonin Arc-Trench System

Leg 125:
Bonin/Mariana Region

Leg 124E:
Philippine Sea

Leg 124:
Celebes and Sulu Seas

Leg 123:
Argo Abyssal Plain/Exmouth Plateau

Leg 122:
Exmouth Plateau

Leg 121:
Broken Ridge and Ninetyeast Ridge

Leg 120:
Central Kerguelen Plateau

Leg 119:
Keguelen Plateau-Prydz Bay

Leg 118:
Fracture Zone Drilling on the Southwest Indian Ridge

Leg 117:
Oman Margin/Neogene Package

Leg 116:
Distal Bengal Fan

Leg 115:
Mascarene Plateau

Leg 114:
Subantarctic South Atlantic

Leg 113:
Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Leg 112:
Peru Continental Margin

Leg 111:
Costa Rica Rift

Leg 110:
Barbados Ridge

Leg 108:
Eastern Tropical Atlantic

Leg 107:
Tyrrhenian Sea

Leg 106/109:
Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Leg 105:
Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea

Leg 104:
Norwegian Sea

Leg 103:
Galicia Margin

Leg 102:
Bermuda Rise

Leg 101:

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