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LEG 151 - North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways I

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to the North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways: plate tectonic–paleoceanographic history and significance, p. 3–23.
J. Thiede and A.M. Myhre
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Chapter 2: Statistical study of sea-ice variability at the planned locations of Leg 151 drilling sites, p. 25–36.
P. Wadhams and M.P. Casarini
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Chapter 3: Pliocene to Quaternary calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Arctic Ocean, with reference to late Pliocene glaciation, p. 39–59.
T. Sato and K. Kameo
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Chapter 4: Neogene diatom biostratigraphy of the Iceland Sea Site 907, p. 61–74.
N. Koç and R.P. Scherer
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Chapter 5: Late Paleogene diatom biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the northern Norwegian-Greenland Sea, p. 75–99.
R.P. Scherer and N. Koç
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Chapter 6: Cenozoic siliceous flagellates from the Fram Strait and the East Greenland Margin: biostratigraphic and paleoceanographic results, p. 101–124.
S. Locker
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Chapter 7: Paleoceanography and biostratigraphy of Paleogene radiolarians from the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, p. 125–152.
D.M. Hull
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Chapter 8: Planktonic foraminifer Cenozoic biostratigraphy of the Arctic Ocean, Fram Strait (Sites 908–909), Yermak Plateau (Sites 910–912 ), and East Greenland Margin (Site 913), p. 153–167.
D. Spiegler
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Chapter 9: Agglutinated benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of Sites 909 and 913, northern North Atlantic, p. 169–185.
L.E. Osterman and D. Spiegler
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Chapter 10: Pliocene and Quaternary benthic foraminifers from Site 910, Yermak Plateau, p. 187–195.
L.E. Osterman
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Chapter 11: Ostracoda from Sites 910 and 911, p. 197–201.
T.M. Cronin and R. Whatley
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Chapter 12: Upper middle Eocene to Oligocene dinoflagellate biostratigraphy and assemblage variations in Hole 913B, Greenland Sea, p. 203–242.
J.V. Firth
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Chapter 13: Dinoflagellate cyst ecostratigraphy of Pliocene–Pleistocene sediments from the Yermak Plateau (Arctic Ocean, Hole 911A), p. 243–253.
J. Matthiessen and W. Brenner
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Chapter 14: Tertiary dinoflagellate biostratigraphy of Sites 907, 908, and 909 in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea, p. 255–287.
N.E. Poulsen, S.B. Manum, G.L. Williams, and M. Ellegaard
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Chapter 15: Oligocene and Miocene vegetation in high latitudes of the North Atlantic: palynological evidence from the Hovgård Ridge in the Greenland Sea (Site 908), p. 289–296.
M.C. Boulter and S.B. Manum
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Chapter 16: Pliocene–Pleistocene pollen assemblages from the Yermak Plateau, Arctic Ocean: Sites 910 and 911, p. 297–305.
D.A. Willard
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Chapter 17: Geochemistry and origin of Pliocene and Pleistocene ash layers from the Iceland Plateau, Site 907, p. 309–331.
C. Lacasse, M. Paterne, R. Werner, H.-J. Wallrabe-Adams, H. Sigurdsson, S. Carey, and G. Pinte
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Chapter 18: Distribution, chemical composition, and sources of Oligocene to Miocene volcanic ashes from Sites 907, 908, and 913, p. 333–350.
R. Werner, H.-J. Wallrabe-Adams, C. Lacasse, H.-U. Schmincke, and J. Thiede
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Chapter 19: The petrology and 40Ar/39Ar age of tholeiitic basalt recovered from Hole 907A, Iceland Plateau, p. 351–365.
L.L. Davis and W.C. McIntosh
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Chapter 20: Comparison of natural gamma ray activity profiles from downhole logging and the MST core logger at Site 911 (Yermak Plateau), p. 369–376.
M. Lyle, J. Bristow, J. Bloemendal, and F.R. Rack
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Chapter 21: Analysis and interpretation of X-ray images of sediment cores from Hole 910D, Yermak Plateau: preliminary results, p. 377–388.
F.R. Rack, R. Finndin, and K. Moran
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Chapter 22: Organic carbon and n-alkane distribution in late Cenozoic sediments of Arctic Gateways Sites 909 and 911 and their paleoenvironmental implications: preliminary results, p. 391–405.
R. Stein and R. Stax
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Chapter 23: Hydrocarbons as indicators for provenance and thermal history of organic matter in late Cenozoic sediments from Hole 909C, Fram Strait, p. 407–414.
J. Rinna, J. Rullkötter, and R. Stein
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Chapter 24: Origin of authigenic carbonates in Eocene to Quaternary sediments from the Arctic Ocean and Norwegian-Greenland Sea, p. 415–434.
N. Chow, S. Morad, and I.S. Al-Aasm
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Chapter 25: Variability in sea-surface conditions in the North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways during the last 140,000 years, p. 437–444.
J.F. McManus, C.O. Major, B.P. Flower, and T. Fronval
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Chapter 26: Late Quaternary stable isotopic stratigraphy of Hole 910A, Yermak Plateau, Arctic Ocean: relations with Svalbard/Barents Sea ice sheet history, p. 445–454.
B.P. Flower
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Chapter 27: Late Neogene paleoclimates and paleoceanography in the Iceland-Norwegian Sea: evidence from the Iceland and Vøring Plateaus, p. 455–468.
T. Fronval and E. Jansen
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Chapter 28: Quaternary paleoceanography and paleoclimatology of the Fram Strait/Yermak Plateau region: evidence from Sites 909 and 912, p. 469–482.
K. Hevrøy, G. Lavik, and E. Jansen
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Chapter 29: Recent to middle Miocene diatom productivity at Site 907, Iceland Plateau, p. 483–492.
B. Stabell and N. Koç
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Chapter 30:Variations in surface water mass conditions in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea: evidence from Pliocene/Pleistocene calcareous plankton records (Sites 644, 907, 909), p. 493–514.
K.-H. Baumann, H. Meggers, and R. Henrich
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Chapter 31: Cenozoic Arctic Gateway paleoclimate variability: indications from changes in coarse-fraction composition, p. 515–567.
T.C.W. Wolf-Welling, M. Cremer, S. O'Connell, A. Winkler, and J. Thiede
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Chapter 32: Neogene paleoceanography and paleoclimate history from Fram Strait: changes in accumulation rates, p. 569–582.
S. O'Connell, T.C.W. Wolf-Welling, M. Cremer, and R. Stein
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Chapter 33: Stable isotopic composition (delta18OCO32-, delta13C ) of early Eocene fish-apatite from Hole 913B: an indicator of the early Norwegian-Greenland Sea paleosalinity, p. 583–591.
F.P. Andreasson, B. Schmitz, and D. Spiegler
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Chapter 34: Development of physical properties relationships, interhole composite depth profiles, and sedimentologic ground truthing of multi-sensor core measurements: a synthesis of results, p. 595–626.
F.R. Rack, J. Bloemendal, T.C.W. Wolf-Welling, S.O'Connell, M. Cremer, A. Winkler, J. Theide,
K. Black, and J. Hood
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Chapter 35: Biostratigraphic synthesis of Leg 151, North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways, p. 627–644.
D.M. Hull, L.E. Osterman, and J. Thiede
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Chapter 36: The paleoceanographic history of the North Atlantic–Arctic Gateways: synthesis of the Leg 151 drilling results, p. 645–658.
J. Theide and A.M. Myhre
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CD-ROM Materials (in back pocket)
 The CD-ROM in the back pocket of this volume contains an electronic version of the Leg 151 Scientific Results volume in Adobe Acrobat. Also on the CD-ROM are the following tables not contained in the printed book:
 Chapter 32:
  Table 3. Site 908: bulk accumulation rate, linear sedimentation rate, %CaCO3, %TOC, and %sand.
  Table 4. Site 909: bulk accumulation rate, linear sedimentation rate, %CaCO3, %TOC, and %sand.

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