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LEG 157 - Gran Canaria and Madeira Abyssal Plain

Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Geophysics-Gran Canaria Volcanic Apron

Chapter 1: Comparison of seismic reflection data to a synthetic seismogram in a volcanic apron at Site 953, p. 3-9

T. Funck and H. Lykke-Andersen

Chapter 2: Seismic structure of the volcanic apron north of Gran Canaria, p. 11-28

T. Funck and H. Lykke-Andersen

Chapter 3: Determination and characterization of volcaniclastic sediments by wireline logs: ODP Sites 953, 955, 956 Canary Islands, p. 29-37

H. Delius, C. Bucker, and J. Wohlenberg

Chapter 4: Hole 956B: Downhole FMS measurements in the southern volcanic apron of Gran Canaria, Central Atlantic, p. 39-46

N. Binard, H.-U. Schmincke, and M. Sumita

Chapter 5: Coring-induced magnetization of recovered sediment, p. 47-56

M. Fuller, M. Hastedt, and B. Herr

Chapter 6: The influence of drilling on two records of the Matuyama-Brunhes polarity transition in marine sediment cores near Gran Canaria, p. 57-69

B. Herr, M. Fuller, M. Haag, and F. Heider

SECTION 2: Paleontology-Gran Canaria Volcanic Apron

Chapter 7: Late Pliocene and Quaternary paleoceanography of the Canary Island Region inferred from planktonic foraminifer assemblages of Site 953, p. 73-82

C. Brunner and R. Maniscalco

Chapter 8: Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Site 953, Canary Basin, northeastern North Atlantic, p.83-96

J. Sblendorio-Levy and R. W. Howe

Chapter 9: Biostratigraphic and magnetostratigraphic evaluation of Sites 953, 954, 955, and 956, Canary Islands, p. 97-114

C. Brunner, J. Sblendorio-Levy, R. Maniscalco, R. Howe, B. Herr, M. Fuller, P. Goldstrand, and P. van den Bogaard

Chapter 10: Neogene and Quarternary planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Canary Island region, p. 115-124

R. Maniscalco and C. Brunner

SECTION 3: Volcanology and Sedimentology-Gran canaria Volcanic Apron

Chapter 11: Chronostratigraphy of Gran Canaria

P. van den Bogaard and H.-U. Schmincke, p. 127-140

Chapter 12: Shallow submarine to emergent basaltic shield volcanism of Gran Canaria: evidence from drilling into the volcanic apron, p. 141-181

H.-U. Schmincke and B. Segschneider

Chapter 13: Processes of volcaniclastic sedimentation during the early growth stages of Gran Canaria based on sediments from Site 953, p. 183-200

S. Carey, T. Maria, and W. Cornell

Chapter 14: Emplacement of ash layers related to high-grade ignimibrite P1 in the sea around Gran Canaria, p. 201-218

A. Freundt and H.-U. Schmincke

Chapter 15: Tephra event stratigraphy and emplacement of volcaniclastic sediments: Mogan and Fataga stratigraphic intervals, Part I: Mineral & chemical stratigraphy of volcaniclastic units & correlation to the subaerial record, p. 219-266

M. Sumita and H.-U. Schmincke

Chapter 16: Tephra event stratigraphy and emplacement of volcaniclastic sediments, Mogan & Fataga stratigraphic intervals, Part II: Origin and emplacement of volcaniclastic layers, p. 267-291

H.-U. Schmincke and M. Sumita

Chapter 17: Epiclastic sedimentation during the upper Miocene(lower Pliocene volcanic hiatus of Gran Canaria: evidences from Sites 953 and 954, p. 293-313

J.-L. Schneider, C.A. Brunner and S. Kuttner

Chapter 18: Geochemistry and petrology of Pleistocene ash layers erupted at Las Canadas Edifice (Tenerife), p. 315-328

U. Rodenhorst, H.-U. Schmincke, and M. Sumita

Chapter 19: 40Ar/39Ar ages of Pliocene-Pleistocene fallout tephra layers and volcaniclastic deposits in the sedimentary aprons of Gran Canaria and Tenerife (Sites 953, 954, and 956), p. 329-341

P. Van den Bogaard

Chapter 20: Provenance and sedimentologic variations of turbidite and slump deposits at Sites 955 and 956, p. 343-360

P.M. Goldstrand

Chapter 21: Organic Matter in Neogene sediments of the Southern Canary Channel, Canary Islands (Sites 955 and 956), p. 361-372

R. Littke, A. Luckge, and H. Wilkes

SECTION 4 Igneous Petrology/Geochemistry-Gran Canaria Volcanic Apron

Chapter 22: Melt, crystal, and fluid inclusions in olivine and clinopyroxene phenocrysts from the submarine shield stage hyaloclastites of Gran Canaria, Sites 953 and 956, p. 375-401

A. Gurenko, T. H. Hansteen, and H.-U. Schmincke

Chapter 23: Sulfur, chlorine, and fluorine in glass inclusions in olivine and clinopyroxene from basaltic hyaloclastites representing the Gran Canaria shield stage at Sites 953 and 956, p. 403-410

T. H. Hansteen and A. A. Gurenko

Chapter 24: Pre-eruptive H2O and CO2 contents of mafic magmas from the submarine to emergent shield stages of Gran Canaria, p. 411-420

P. J. Wallace

Chapter 25: Geochemistry of sideromelane and felsic glass shards in Pleistocene ash layers at Sites 953,954, and 956, p. 421-428

A.A. Gurenko and H.-U. Schmincke

Chapter 26: Textural and fluid inclusion evidence of hydrothermal activity in the volcaniclastic apron of Gran Canaria, p.429-439

S. Lindblom and M. Gerard

SECTION 5: Synthesis-Gran Canaria Volcanic Apron

Chapter 27: Volcanic evolution of Gran Canaria reconstructed from apron sediments: Synthesis of VICAP project drilling, p. 443-469

H.-U. Schmincke and Mari Sumita

SECTION 6: Geophysics-Madeira Abyssal Plain

Chapter 28: Seismic facies of the Madeira Abyssal Plain: a correlation between seismic reflection profile and borehole data, p. 473-498

R.G. Rothwell, B. Alibes and P.P.E. Weaver

Section 7: Paleontology-Madeira Abyssal Plain

Chapter 29: Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and sediment accumulation of turbidite sequences on the Madeira Abyssal Plain, Sites 950-952, p. 501-520

R. W. Howe and J. Sblendorio-Levy

SECTION 8: Sedimentology-Madeira Abyssal Plain

Chapter 30: Sedimentation on the Madeira Abyssal Plain: Eocene-Pleistocene history of turbidite infill, p. 523-531

S.M. Lebreiro, P.P.E. Weaver, and R.W. Howe

Section 9: Geochemistry-Madeira Abyssal Plain Chapter 31: Chemostratigraphy of Madeira Abyssal Plain Miocene-Pleistocene turbidites, Site 950, p. 535-558

I. Jarvis, J. Moreton, and M. Gerard

Chapter 32: Oxidation fronts in Madeira Abyssal Plain turbidites: persistence of early diagenetic trace-element enrichments during burial, Site 950, p. 559-571

J. Thomson, I. Jarvis, D.R. H. Green, and D. Green

Chapter 33: Oxic versus anoxic diagenetic alteration of turbiditic sediments in the Madeira Abyssal Plain, eastern North Atlantic, p. 573-580

G.J. De Lange

Chapter 34: Extents and implications of organic matter alternation at oxidation fronts in turbidites from the Madeira Abyssal Plain, p. 581-589

G. Cowie, S. Calvert, G. de Lange, R. Keil, and J. Hedges

Chapter 35: Changes in kerogen composition across an oxidation front in Madeira Abyssal Plain turbidites as revealed by pyrolysis GC-MS, p. 591-607

M. J.L. Hoefs, J. S. Sinninghe Damsté, G.J. de Lange, and J. W. de Leeuw

Chapter 36: High-resolution silica pore-water profiles in sediments of the Madeira Abyssal Plain, eastern North Atlantic, p. 609-612

G.J. De Lange

Section 10: Data Report-Madeira Abyssal Plain Chapter 37: Data Report: Post-cruise correction of core depths of Madeira Abyssal Plain sites for general reference use, p. 615

S.M. Lebreiro and P.P.E. Weaver

Section 11: Synthesis: Madeira Abyssal Plain Chapter 38: Neogene turbidite sequence on the Madeira Abyssal Plain: basin filling and diagenesis in the deep ocean, p. 619-634

P.P.E. Weaver, I. Jarvis, S.M. Lebreiro, B. Alibes, J. Baraza, R. Howe, and R.G. Rothwell

Section 12: Index Chapter 39: Index. P. 637

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