Karen Benson
Production Specialist II

Mary Chapman
Production Specialist I

Gudelia ("Gigi") Delgado
Senior Publications Coordinator

Patrick Edwards
Production Specialist III

Jaime A. Gracia
Supervisor of Production 

Lauren Gracia
Student Assistant

Cassandra Harashe
Student Assistant

Jenni Hesse

Shana C. Lewis

Ginny Lowe
Reports Coordinator

Nancy H. Luedke
Graphics Specialist II

Amy McWilliams

Angeline T. Miller
Publication Services Manager

Linda Orsi
Graphics Specialist II

Deborah L. Partain
Supervisor of Graphics

Lorri L. Peters 
Supervisor of Editing

M. Kathleen Phillips
Publications Specialist

Jennifer Pattison Rumford
Electronic Publications Specialist

Kenneth Sherar
Production Specialist II

Ann Yeager
Distribution Specialist

*Current staff list.