ODP Technical Note 10


TABLE OF DOWNHOLE TOOL USAGE DURING ODP LEGS 101-146 The following table lists tools run during the first 46 legs of the Ocean Drilling Program, through November 1992. The table is not detailed, but is instead intended to point the interested investigator toward appropriate volumes of ODP Initial Reports and Scientific Results. The table indicates only that a specific tool was run down the pipe at each specified site, not whether the deployment was successful, nor if data are available. Interested scientists should contact the Data Librarians at ODP/TAMU and LDEO, or individual tool developers, to determine if data exist for a particular run.

For third-party and specialty tools, the developer affiliation (for U.S. scientists) or country of origin (for non-U.S. scientists) is also listed. The following list of tool abbreviations is used for wireline-logging instruments in Table B-1.

1. Schlumberger tools
ACT Aluminum Clay
AMS Auxiliary Measurement (fluid temperature and resistivity)
BHC Borehole Compensated Sonic
CAL Mechanical Caliper
CNL Compensated Neutron (thermal only)
CNT Compensated Neutron (thermal and epithermal)
DIL Dual Induction
DLL Dual Laterolog
FMS Formation Microscanner
GPIT General Purpose Inclinometer
GR Total Gamma
GST Induced Spectral Gamma
HMT High-resolution Magnetometer/susceptibility
LDT Lithodensity
LSS Long-spaced sonic
NGT Spectral Natural Gamma
SDT Digital Sonic
SFL Spherically Focused Resistivity
WST Well Seismic Tool (VSP)

2. Non-Schlumberger specialty tools
BHTV Borehole Televiewer
MCS Multichannel Sonic
PTF Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter
VSP Vertical Seismic Profile
OSE Oblique Seismic Experiment

Table B-1: Listing of downhole tool deployments during Legs 101-146 (980 kb).


Table B-1: Legs 101-108 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 108-115 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 115-121 (100 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 121-126 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 127-133 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 133-135 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 135-141 (140 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 141-146 (140 kb).

3. ODP contacts
For inquiries about wireline tools:
Manager of Technical Operations
Borehole Research Group
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, NY 10964 U.S.A.
Telephone: 914/365-8336 Fax: 914/365-3182

For inquiries about all other downhole tools:
Manager of Science Operations
Ocean Drilling Program
Texas A&M University
1000 Discovery Drive
College Station, TX 77845-9547 U.S.A.
Telephone: 409/845-9297
Fax: 409/845-0876

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