ODP Technical Note 10


D. Compatibility of ODP Tools with ODP Operations and Engineering Systems

ODP is an advanced and specialized drilling program, and has developed a wide range of engineering and coring systems for use in various operational situations. The ODP tools for downhole measurements are not compatible with certain engineering and coring systems, and care must be taken to verify that measurements can actually be made as planned.

Table I-1 summarizes the situations in which ODP downhole tools are normally used; these normal methods are discussed in the following chapters. There are many other operational configurations that are not listed in Table I-1 in which it may still be possible to make these kinds of measurements. The greater range of possibilities is considered in Table I-2, which summarizes the compatibility of the ODP downhole tools with the various ODP engineering and coring systems. The ODP downhole tools, coring systems, and engineering systems will be modified as necessary for enhanced performance, and the information presented in Tables I-1 and I-2 and in this manual is certain to change; this information is current as of the end of Leg 146 in November 1992. For further information, clarification, or updates regarding the compatibility of possible configurations, please contact the ODP Manager of Science Operations, Supervisor of Drilling Operations, or Supervisor of Development Engineering.

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