ODP Technical Note 10


Table I-1. "Normal" configurations for routine deployment of ODP downhole tools.

Table I-2. Compatibility of ODP downhole tools among themselves and with common ODP operations and coring systems.

Table II-1. List of topics covered in the WSTP cookbook.

Table II-2. WSTP specifications as of Leg 146.

Table II-3. Kuster water sampler specifications.

Table V-1. Digital multishot specifications.

Table VI-1. Summary of CORK deployments through Leg 146.

Table VIII-1. Specifications of LANL and LBL fluid samplers run during Leg 137.

Table B-1. Listing of downhole tool deployments during ODP Legs 101-146.

OR access the table in parts
Table B-1: Legs 101-108 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 108-115 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 115-121 (100 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 121-126 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 127-133 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 133-135 (120 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 135-141 (140 kb).
Table B-1: Legs 141-146 (140 kb).

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