Technical Note 20/4

LEG 174A

New Jersey Shelf:
Paleogene and Cretaceous Intermediate Water History

Modified from Proposal 348A Submitted By
K.G. Miller, G.S. Mountain, N. Christie-Blick, and J.A. Austin, Jr.

Staff Scientist: Mitch Malone
Co-Chief Scientists: James Austin, Jr. & Nicholas Christie-Blick


Sea-level changes have direct consequences to mankind. Understanding the ages, amplitudes, and causal mechanisms of sea-level changes, as well as the resulting stratigraphic changes, continues to be a fundamental goal of the Ocean Drilling Program. Leg 174A will core four holes in the New Jersey shelf margin to investigate the Oligocene Holocene history of sea-level changes and add to the existing data of the New Jersey Mid Atlantic Transect (MAT). One goal of MAT is to determine the geometry and age of Oligocene to Miocene sediments and to evaluate the role of sea-level changes in developing the sediment sequences deposited during that time period. Another major goal of MAT is to evaluate the possible causal links between glacioeustatic changes inferred from the deep sea 18O record and depositional sequences from this "Icehouse World." Secondary goals include evaluating Paleocene to Eocene sequences, because of debate over the existence of ice sheets (the "Doubthouse World") during this time.

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