Technical Note 20/6


Figure 1. Map of western Pacific area where at least five major plates with consuming boundaries interact. Gray dots are DSDP sites. Bathmetry is in meters.

Figure 2. Map of Japan Trench area with seismicity. The locations of proposed Sites JT-1 and JT 2 are shown. Focal depth symbols: open circle = 0-10 km, open square = 10-20 km, open triangle = 20-30 km, closed circle = 30-40 km, closed square = 40-50 km, closed triangle = 50+ km.

Figure 3. Tectonic subsidence history (from von Huene and Lallemand, 1990).

Figure 4. Schematic configuration of the instrument package with multisensors for crustal strain and broadband seismometry.

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