Technical Note 25


James Allan	(ODP-TAMU)		Leg 147 Staff Scientist

Sherman Bloomer	(Oregon State Univ)	Chair, JOIDES LITHP

Mathilde Cannat	(Université Pierre	Leg 153 Co-Chief Scientist
		 et Marie Curie)

Henry Dick	(WHOI)			Leg 147 participant, 
					JOIDES PCOM  member

Glen Foss	(ODP-TAMU)		ODP Operations Superintendent

Timothy Francis	(ODP-TAMU)		Workshop Chair

Kathryn Gillis	(Univ of Victoria)	Leg 147 Co-Chief Scientist

Leon Holloway	(ODP-TAMU)		Leg 153 Development Engineer

Jeffrey Karson	(Duke University)	Leg 153 Co-Chief Scientist

Kim Kastens	(LDEO)			Chair, JOIDES SSP

Adam Klaus	(ODP-TAMU)		Staff Scientist

Gary Marsh	(Shell Offshore, Inc.)	JOIDES TEDCOM member

Scott McGrath	(ODP-TAMU)		ODP Operations Engineer

Catherine Mével	(Université Pierre	Leg 147 Co-Chief Scientist
		 et Marie Curie)

Jay Miller	(ODP-TAMU)		Leg 147 participant, 
					Leg 153 Staff Scientist

James Natland	(Univ of Miami)		Leg 147 participant,
					JOIDES PCOM  member

Thomas Pettigrew (ODP-TAMU)		Leg 153 Operations Superintendent

Eugene Pollard	(ODP-TAMU)		Leg 147 Operations Superintendent

Michael Storms	(ODP-TAMU)		Leg 147 Development Engineer

Douglas Toomey	(Univ of Oregon)	JOIDES SSP member

PCOM = Planning Committee
LITHP= Lithosphere Panel
SSP = Site Survey Panel
TEDCOM = Technology and Engineering Development Committee
LDEO = Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
WHOI = Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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