Stichocorys peregrina Zone Reference Slide R 9
Sample Slide
85-573-13-4, 65-66 cm R9.1 R9.2 R9.3

Spongaster berminghami N18/3 U24/0 H30/1

H35/4 T8/8
Stichocorys peregrina * J44/0 D39/3 J4/4

F43/2 D24/0 E25/3

Acrobotrys tritubus G13/0 J20/0 T12/2
Calocycletta caepa G43/3 X2/2 T37/0
Didymocyrtis penultima U12/4 W12/3 L7/0
Lithopera bacca
Q4/2 J15/3
Lychnodictyum audax S7/4 V22/0 X26/1
Phormostichoartus doliolum B21/4 Q27/3 E24/2
Phormostichoartus fistula H17/3 Q19/2 O26/2
Solenosphaera omnitubus omnitubus J22/4
Stichocorys delmontensis * K24/1 W11/0 S27/0

C42/0 Q18/2 D23/0
Stichocorys johnsoni K18/3 Y22/1

*Many transitional forms present in this sample.

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are few to common and well preserved in this sample. Sponge spicules, diatom fragments, and Orosphaerid spines are also present.