Diartus petterssoni Zone Reference Slide R 15
Sample Slide
85-573B-3-CC R15.1 R15.2 R15.3

Diartus petterssoni * T4/3 W30/4 P6/4

C6/4 N14/1 N11/4

Botryostrobus miralestensis W18/4 O30/4 R37/3
Calocycletta caepa R24/4 T13/1 J6/3
Didymocyrtis antepenultima F16/0 Q43/0 O37/2
Lithopera neotera W34/1 T23/4 C8/1


Phormostichoartus corbula U5/4 S33/1 M31/0
Phormostichoartus fistula O37/1 K23/1
Stichocorys wolffii ** R18/3 U18/0 U24/1

O7/0 X18/3 P42/3

*many morphotypes transitional to D. hughesi in this sample

**S. delmontensis morphotypes in this sample exhibit reduced numbers of thoracic pores. S. wolffii is present in the sample, but care must be taken to distinguish it from the above mentioned S. delmontensis. Smaller, more hyaline specimens are S. wolffii.

Specimens are located using England Finder coordinates; radiolarian slide label positioned to the left.

Radiolarians are abundant and well preserved in this sample.